Welding Business Ideas

Thinking of starting your own welding business? You’ll want to take a look at our welding business ideas to make sure you’re starting off in the right place and know what you need to while starting a welding company.

As a guideline you’ll be looking at a $10,000 to $50,000 start up cost. You’ll need equipment, a shop or mobile shop, certificates, insurance, employees, etc. . .

You’ll want to establish a billing rate. Most welders charge per hour but you can also decide to charge per job. If you charge per job you can estimate the cost by charging a dollar per inch of work or whatever feels right for you and your experience. If you charge per hour the current welding rate we’ve seen is between $45 and $65 per hour.

Raw welding materials can be marked up by at least 50 percent to establish a retail value.

Visit small machine shops to see if they need to find a welder to outsource jobs to. If so, show off some of your work and let them know your rates. You may have just found a steady supplier of jobs.


Welding Helmet Magnifier

One of the most effective piece of welding equipment that you can use when you have slight problems, especially those who are farsightedness is a welding helmet magnifier.  Using a welding helmet magnified will allow you to see the objects that you are welding better.

You can wear your glasses while you are welding but depending on the welding helmet that you are using, it can be hard to wear.  The helmet might be too tight.  Each movement might knock your helmet or glass out of the way.  This makes your ability to weld more difficult.

Therefore, I recommend to those of you who wear glasses to use a welding helmet with a magnifier.  It will allow you to do your welding job a lot easier.

Best Welding Company

When it comes time to find high quality welding supplies, helmets, aluminum, welding gloves, cables, wires and all the other things that you need to weld, you need to read complete and honest reviews on each product before you decide to buy an welding accessories.

One of the things that I have found very useful in finding the best welding company to buy my products from is to read as many of the reviews on different welding products as possible.  After reading a few, you will start to notice a pattern that emerges that clearly shows you who the top welding companies are.

It is also a good idea to ask the people you work with.   Those season vets all know who the top welding companies are and where to buy the top quality welding machines at reasonable prices from.  So just ask around or read the information that we will be posting on our sites in the days to come.