The Ecigarette Gains Popularity

The ecigarette has been gaining support and popularity among the general public for the last couple years.  Currently, most major airports don’t have a problem with ecigarette users in public areas.  TSA does not restrict the possession of the ecigarette on carry on luggage.

This e cigarette development has come from the easy access of ecig information across the web.  Smokers are making the switch the e cigarettes and the general non-smoking public is seeing the benefits.

No second hand smoke, no nasty odor, and no disgusting cigarette butt trash.  The benefits of electronic cigarettes are black and white.

With big tobacco entering the electronic cigarette arena very soon, it’ll be interesting to see where this all goes.  Will big tobacco e cigarettes butt out the ecig start up brands?  Only time will tell.  The only for certain is that the ecigarette is here to stay.

Cheap Ecigarettes

Cheap ecigarettes can be found just about anywhere these days.  With the rise in popularity of a ecigarette, you now have an array to e cigarettes in different price ranges.

You have your high end models.  Your basic, your economical, and their your cheap and discount variety.

The cheap line of e cigarettes are very similar to the basic models.  If we are talking about starter kit, the differences is usually that there is no extra battery and no wall charger.

Your basic discount e cig comes with just one nicotine cartridge and a usb charging connector.  This will last you the equivalent of one pack of cigarette.  After that you will need to buy more cartridges.

At some point you will need to buy a charger that will allow you to plug directly into the wall.  You will also most likely upgrade to a carrying case that will recharge your batteries on the go.

So what does this all mean?  It means that the cheap models are just a cheap way for you to try out e cigs without having to invest a lot of money up front.  If you like it then in the long run you will end up spending a little more or about the same as you would buying a decent starter kit in the beginning.

The Ecigarette And Why Non-Smokers Love Them

The reasons non-smokers love the ecigarette:

Ecigarettes have been around for a while and non smokers (like my wife) are hoping the trend continues. When I used to smoke regular cigarettes I would always get harassed by my wife because of the smoke, smell and mess of the ash and butt. She’d avoid kissing me for awhile after I finished my cigarette at it really started becoming a hassle after a few years.

Then I found the ecigarette and thought I’d give it a try to see if it really was as good as I had heard. Well, I made the switch completely and “cold turkey” one day and there was a definite improvement around the house pretty quickly. First off I wasn’t leaving ash and butts around the house and I started to stink a little less of smoke. But after a little bit of time the smell disappeared completely and my breath became like a non smoker.

The nicotine intake has been the same for me so I never went through any withdrawal issues. The cost of vaping instead of smoking is also much less for me. Plus I get the benefit of being able to smoke in the house and car with the grief I used to get from her.

Overall my wife (and her friends) think electronic cigarettes are a perfect answer to the negatives of regular cigarettes  to non smokers.